Hunting Uranium

on the frontier north rim of the Athabasca Basin

A New Athabasca
Basin Uranium Company

“History has shown that new Canadian uranium discoveries provide a unique and unmatched torque to value creation in the resource markets. In my opinion, Aero Energy represents one of the best uranium discovery opportunities in the Athabasca Basin right now.”

Galen McNamara, Interim CEO and Director

Over 50 Shallow Drill Ready Targets Identified

Short-cut to drilling and discovery by leveraging $7.6M recently spent 
on cutting-edge early exploration by project vendors

Saskatchewan’s First Uranium District

250,000 acres of mineral rights in the Uranium City area on the northwest margin of the Athabasca Basin covering most uranium target horizons present

Proven Discovery Team

Highly skilled uranium exploration team with track record of discovery and delineation of uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin

Compelling Valuation

Compelling Valuation Significant Potential for Re-Rating upwards as the Team pursues new discovery on 50+ shallow high-potential targets

Recent News

Aero Energy Reports on Recent Exploration Insights at the Strike Project, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan

Aero Energy Strengthens Board of Directors and Management Team with New Additions

Aero Energy Reports on Recent Exploration Insights at the Sun Dog Project

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